Smash Repairs

If you've been in an accident, no matter how big or small, our expert team can professionally repair your vehicle back to the manufacturer's specifications. We use the latest tools and equipment, coupled with up to date training and techniques to ensure all smash repairs are of the best quality for our customers. We can perform repairs for most insurance companies, as well as undertaking repairs for private jobs so that you maintain your driver rating.


Spray Painting

At Talon Bodyworks we only use the best quality paints from our exclusive paint supplier Spies Hecker. These paints are widely renowned in the industry as being the most durable and of the highest quality, as well as being environmentally friendly. All of our spray painting work is performed in our spray booths and paint is prepared in our paint room, this prevents contamination and maximises the quality of the finished product delivered to our customers.

For more information on our respraying facilities and capabilities here at Talon Bodyworks, contact us today.

Chassis Straightening

As a part of our comprehensive automotive smash repair services, our skilled technicians also have the ability to straighten out your chassis. Often when an accident is bad enough the chassis can be put out of alignment and need to be manipulated back to being straight once again.

Our technicians will use precision equipment to re-align your chassis to manufacturer's specifications. If you'd like to find out more about chassis straightening, or you'd like to book in for a repair, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Metal & Plastic Welding

Our workshop is equipped with all the equipment to weld or repair a wide range of damaged components. We have plastic and metal welding equipment to professional weld any damaged parts, often avoiding the costly alternative of replacing damaged components while still delivering the same quality end product.